(English) Enable SIM phone calls on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Step by step




5 Responses to “(English) Enable SIM phone calls on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Step by step”

  1. Shiju NK dit :

    Thank you very much…..it works…thanks for detailed explanation…

  2. Cheick Ismeael MAIGA dit :

    Nice job Ajoub

  3. Marcelo Alighieri (Brazil) dit :

    hello! I did all the installation process is .. I managed to install! But my calls do not last 30 seconds! what should I do?

  4. lucas dit :

    awesome work guys!,.. i got Tab 10.1 (P7500XXLQ8) with cm10.1 jb 4.2.2 rom, can i use the above mods(4.1.1) for my unit?.. also, since im already with cm10.1, should i still need to install the modem.zip, or should i just install only the Voice Call Enable.zip?.. would appreciate much your email reply.. big thanks!
    (we love androids becoz of works by people like you)

  5. william loh dit :

    i have enabled my GT-p7500 tablet to make calls. the only problem i have is my calls cannot be heard when i connect my bluetooth headset. However i can my videos, etc using bluetooth headset. is there any resolution? Thanks.


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