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Android ya Android …

For almost 2 years, Android phones have a huge impact on the Moroccan society.

Everyday, more and more Moroccan adopt Android into their lifestyle (tablets, phones) and i’m hoping for TV’s tomorrow :D .

Personnally, i liked Android the first time i saw it, i read articles about it and i always wanted to get a performant Android phone to test the Android apps and to try to make my own applications since i got a VERY SLOW computer that couldn’t handle the emulation quickly at that time.

Even after that, i suffered before i would be able to publish my Android applications as a Moroccan developers.

Since the Moroccan state apply restrictions on the hard currencies to not get out of the country, many developers find themselves unable to pay the fees for an Android developers account to publish their works on the store.

I also noticed that more and more Moroccan developers become interested on Android lately, and many of them have great projects but they can’t make them to public.

Today i decided to bring them a new opportunity !

I created a separated Android developers account for the Android Moroccan developers (this action doesn’t represent a violation of the Google terms of use).

Starting from today, all Moroccan developers can publish their works on Google Store for FREE by using a shared Android developers account under the name AndroidMADevs .

If you are a Moroccan developers and you want to publish your applications on the store, what you have to do is just to send me the APK (or its download link) with a description of it on my e-mail address “Apolikamixitos[AT]” so i can test the application and publish it after.

I’m waiting for your works !

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